Every 9 Seconds strives to educate people on the warning signs/red flags of domestic violence, and the ultimate consequence that can occur. Women worldwide suffer from abuse in silence every nine seconds and partnering with “Sin By Silence” a life changing award winning documentary, we are able to utilize the film for open discussion and narrative as to the lasting affects of abuse and how constant victimization can lead to severe consequences.



Through prevention there is hope for victims of abuse. Too often what is unsaid is the most damaging and when a victim is suffering in an abusive relationship sometimes it can be those few words that someone can say that makes all the difference “I am here no matter what”. How many times should we have said that with someone in our lives? Too often it is the difference between life and death for someone. Every abusive relationship is potentially fatal, breaking the silence via prevention is where change begins.



What does intervention mean? It means stepping-up, listening, offering support, being that one safe person that can offer safety; emotionally or mentally, even financially if that is what you can do. It means, listening and saying in return that it all begins by saying “I believe you”. There is no intervention like being validated, especially after being so broken as an individual. Law enforcement response is often the first step for a victim to have the chance to move forward and be safe. Every 9 Seconds will offer training to any Law enforcement agencies or Judicial Offices that request it. These people are often the bridge for the victim that can assist them in moving to being a survivor, no longer a victim.



California has been the leader thanks to Convicted Women Against Abuse (CWAA) in creating laws to protect women who have been forced in a matter of moments to protect their lives. Without the legislative changes that have occurred, any woman today facing the same situation would not have a chance. Every 9 Seconds will strive to foster relationships with other States legislative officials that are wanting to facilitate legal precedence in their respective state.