Every 9 Seconds has a unique opportunity of bringing awareness through the incredible story of its’ founder, Brenda Clubine. She is the embodiment of survival and hope, and through the sharing of her journey is able to bring awareness to an entirely new level. As a survivor, she knows firsthand the complexities of abusive relationships. As an advocate, she knows how to inspire change and create awareness surrounding the ever growing epidemic of domestic violence.

Brenda also brings a unique dynamic to her presentation through the documentary, Sin by Silence, which features her amazing journey from victim to survivor. Countless organizations have been utilizing the film as a tool to bring a new element to their events, while having Brenda speak afterward to help be the tie that brings hearts and minds together to bring about positive social change throughout communities. No one who witnesses an event with Brenda Clubine will ever be the same!


Sin by Silence offers a unique gateway into the lives of women who are domestic violence’s worst-case scenarios: women who have killed their abusive husbands. Inside California’s oldest women’s prisons, the first inmate-initiated and led group in the U.S. prison system was created by then-inmate Brenda Clubine to help abused women speak out and realize they are not alone. Over the past two decades, the women of Convicted Women Against Abuse (CWAA) have changed laws for battered women and raised awareness for those on the outside.

Sin by Silence is an emotionally packed documentary that tells the personal and shocking stories of women who have learned from their past and are changing their future.