Women worldwide suffer from abuse in silence every nine seconds and partnering with Sin by Silence a life changing award winning documentary, we are able to utilize the film for open discussion and lasting affects.


Through prevention there is hope for victims of abuse. Every abusive relationship is potentially fatal, breaking the silence via prevention is where change begins.


Every 9 Seconds will offer training to any Law enforcement agencies or Judicial Offices that request it. These people are often the bridge for the victim that can assist them in moving to being a survivor, no longer a victim.


Every 9 Seconds will strive to foster relationships with other States legislative officials that are wanting to facilitate legal precedence in their respective state.

Every 9 Seconds was started because of a dream to make a difference.

The goal of Every 9 Seconds is to promote and provide community awareness about the tragedy of domestic violence.

–  Through advocacy and events be able to educate and empower victims of abuse to become survivors.
–  Offer support and resources to communities, institutions, universities.

–  Engage in seminars, conferences and fundraisers with the goal of breaking the cycle of abuse.

It is through education, the silence can be broken.

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